Mini post: Oceans and Clay

Some people see life like an ocean. They go where the current takes them.

stick figure in ocean

Other people see life like a ball of clay in their hands—something to be held and shaped and molded.

stick figure holding gray ball of clay

In an ocean, you’re small and helpless, surrounded by something much bigger than yourself. It can make you wonder whose life you’re even living.

bird's-eye-view of tiny stick figure floating in vast ocean

But sometimes, the ocean can lead you to mysterious places you never knew you wanted to go.

stick figure standing on the shore of an other-worldly beach

Holding a ball of clay, you’re all-powerful. Your life takes the shape that you give it—and it’s surprising how shapeable life can be when you treat it like clay. Sometimes, you shape your life into something that feels just right.

stick figuring rocketing through sky with jet pack made of clay

But if you’re not careful, you might make something you didn’t mean to.

stick figure in a cage made out of clay

The question isn’t whether life is better lived as an ocean or a ball of clay.

It’s about when is the right, and the wrong time for each one.


Some other questions about life:

Is your life a complete picture or a single pixel?

Is your life a bunch of data or a bunch of atoms?

Is your life mostly ahead of you or nearing the end in many ways?

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